• Salient Features

    • It is one of the most dangerous professions in the world.

    • A single mistake can lead to serious injury when mining for coal underground.

    • The risks of gasification, mine collapse, spontaneous combustion and others makes it a constant struggle between life and death

  • The risk to miners cannot be eliminated; however, these can be mitigated with safety measures and insurance for the coal miners. In this respect contract was signed between SLCMC and Jubliee Insurance at a signing ceremony held on 22 March 2022 at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi. Salient features are;

    • 1st of its kind in Pakistan

    • 100% coverage incase of death or injury

    • Zero premium charged from coal miner

    • Threefold payment structure to the affectees
      o By SLCMC
      o By Commissioner
      o By Insurance Company

    • Devised to ensure speedy payment to the heirs incase of death of coal miner

    • AA+ insurance company ‘Jubilee Insurance’ engaged